When The Christian Post’s Pastor Wants You to Go Vegan, He’s Going To Ask You A Question You Won’t Believe In

Posted October 10, 2018 12:14:51When Christian Post pastor Matthew Gourley wants to make a point, he will often ask his listeners to imagine what it would be like if they were to go vegan.

Gourley’s recent suggestion for those who might want to make the change has been the idea of eating at a vegan restaurant and then walking away.

He said that’s “going to be the ultimate dream for me.”

The idea of going vegan is an appealing one.

According to Gourly, veganism has “done wonders” for the environment, has reduced CO2 emissions, and even has helped to eradicate diseases such as COPD, which affects more than 500,000 Americans.

According to Gurely, a vegan lifestyle is a “great thing” because “it has a direct connection to the Christian message of mercy, love, compassion, and the joy of God’s creation.”

Gourly told his listeners that “I’m a big believer in God’s justice and justice works, and I believe that you should be just and compassionate toward others and be good to the earth.”

Gurley also pointed out that if the “world is going to survive and thrive, it will have to evolve with the human species.

If you want to survive, you’re going to have to adapt and change.

And if you want the world to flourish, you have to make it work.”

Gurely said that “one of the biggest challenges is that we’re in a world where we are so dependent on animals.

And the fact is that the majority of the people who are alive today are not living in a state of full abundance, and they’re in situations where they are living in fear, poverty, disease, and hopelessness.

And so I believe, for God’s sake, if you’re in your car, you can do this.

You can do it right now.

You just have to think about what you can eat and where you’re living.”

In a series of posts on his website, Gourleys blog, The Christian Preacher of Christ, he has encouraged followers to “get involved in helping animals, and you’re just as good at it as anyone else,” and to “live a compassionate life.”

The posts are often sprinkled with images of animals and animals suffering.

For example, one post featured an image of a baby gorilla being pulled into a water tank and an accompanying text, “Just imagine being in that tank and not having to worry about water.”

The pastor has been very active on social media, posting photos of himself and his wife, the Rev. Lisa Gourlier, with his children and other family members.

One of his posts included a photo of a picture of a pig on a grill.

Gurleys posts often include quotes from scripture and Bible verses, including verses from Romans 14:1-10 and 1 Corinthians 6:18-23.

Gureley’s posts often reference scripture such as “The Lamb shall not be afraid of the Lamb,” which Gourilleys website reads in part: “For this is what is promised to those who believe in me: the Lamb will descend from heaven with His angels and His Son, Jesus Christ, who has become our Savior, with the Holy Spirit.

And we are the firstborn of the dead.

We are the ones who walk on water.

We will walk on earth as we walk on high, as we eat and drink and drink our bread.

I believe in the Resurrection of the body, but also the Resurrection and the life of the soul.”

Another post, “The New Gospel,” which appeared on Gourlyn’s website, features a post from Jesus Christ that states, “I am the light that is in you and the light of your life and of your salvation.

And I have brought you light and truth, that you may know the truth and the love of God.”GURLEY has posted numerous posts on social and other media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.

He also has an extensive Facebook page and several Twitter accounts.

In December, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Gourleys website and the posts he makes on the website.

The complaint, filed with the Office of Federal Trade Counsel, accuses Gourles website of promoting “a hatred of Christians” and “extremism against Christians.”

“We are troubled that Gourlie has promoted hate speech that promotes an extreme ideology, which has been promoted by extremists in the past,” the SPLC said in a statement.

“His extremist views promote violence against Christian and other groups, and he is actively promoting hate speech online that encourages hate.”

In an interview with ABC News, Gureley denied that his posts are inflammatory.

“It’s not really my intention to be inflammatory, I just like to share a story,”

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