What to do when your post is under fire: What to say when you’re under attack

A post shared by @susan_mcgill on Apr 6, 2018 at 11:28am PDT What to post to your Facebook wall when you need to defend yourself from a potential attack: Post a link to a Facebook page.

Include a link, like or comment.

Provide a photo of yourself, your home address, and phone number.

Provide information about yourself and your business.

Be clear about your intentions.

Post information about your location, such as a building address.

Include contact information, if you have one.

Be cautious about using your phone to call your loved ones in the event of an attack.

Be sure to use your phone in public places, such the airport, if possible.

Make sure your Facebook page is private.

Use a different account to post your post.

If you’re unable to access your Facebook profile, you can use a secure messaging service.

Be aware that you might lose your post if your post or photos are shared with anyone else.

Share a link You can share a link directly to your post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets.

Use the share icon on your post, then select “Share this post.”

Choose whether to use the shared link or a personalized one.

Share photos You can use the Share photo feature on your posts to share photos of yourself.

Select the icon and choose “Share.”

If you choose to share a photo, make sure you use a photo that matches the type of information in your post to protect it from prying eyes.

Use your phone for calling If you are unable to connect to your mobile phone, you might need to use another means of communication.

Use Signal or a mobile text messaging service to call someone.

If your loved one is an employee, consider using the same method of communication as that employee.

If someone else is on the same number as you, you may want to try calling on their phone instead.

The safest way to call a loved one if you are away is by calling your mobile number.

If the call is not successful, contact your nearest emergency number to report an emergency.

If a loved person needs to talk to someone, it may be best to ask them to leave a message or a message on the loved one’s behalf.

You can also leave a voicemail message, or you can call the police.

If that’s not possible, you should call the authorities.

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