What if the ’80s were a time of ’90s nostalgia?

What if this decade were a “time of the decade” that embraced the era of the 1980s and ’90S?

For a lot of fans, this would mean the end of “post-hardcore” music, as the genre has been synonymous with rock, pop, and dance since the 1980’s.

But the end is nigh, according to a new report that claims “post-“rock” has been supplanted by a new generation of genres.

This “post”-rock trend, according the report, will likely lead to the end or re-establishment of “classic” music in the ’90’s.

It’s unclear exactly what will happen to “classic rock” in the years ahead, but according to the report—a product of a joint effort between Billboard and Soundtrack News—post-rock will likely continue to be the main focus.

“That means that in a way, we’re creating the perfect storm for a post-punk future.” “

What we’re seeing is a new era of ‘post-punk’ and ‘post rock’ that are going to be seen more often in the next decade,” Soundtracks Editor-in-Chief, Dan Littman, told Billboard.

“That means that in a way, we’re creating the perfect storm for a post-punk future.”

The report, which also looks at other trends in the music industry, says that in the past decade, “the traditional ‘classic’ music genre has seen a lot more success and it’s becoming more accessible to a lot larger audiences, which is good for the industry as a whole.”

For fans who love “classic music,” however, it could mean the world to see “post rock” replaced by a much more diverse music scene.

“It’s kind of a paradox,” Littmansaid.

“I think that post-rock is really one of the great genres of the ’70s and early ’80’s and the ’60s, but now it’s not.

It feels like everyone has moved on to something new.”

Soundtracks executive producer Chris Schulz echoed this sentiment, saying that “post” was “just not the right word” to describe this new wave of music.

“If you’re a fan of ’80 to ’90, you’ll understand that post rock is the last gasp of the genre,” Schulz told Billboard in a statement.

“And I think this is the beginning of that post.”

The new generation, meanwhile, is focused on making the most of the new sounds they’re discovering on Spotify.

“We think this new music generation is going to change the landscape,” Schutz added.

“There’s this new thing that’s really exciting about music, so we’re excited about that.”

In the future, post-Rock will likely be dominated by genres like hip-hop, house, electro, and electronic, but “post punk” is also expected to see more experimentation.

Soundtracks co-founder and CEO Steve Oakes told Billboard that the trend of “old-school, post rock” is “just too strong right now.”

But it’s important to note that there’s no guarantee that “old” will be dead.

“People will go to this new era and it’ll be very exciting, and I think people will like it,” Oakes said.

“But they’re going to have to adapt and try to adapt to what the new music sounds like.

But I think that it will always be post rock.”

In other words, while “post Rock” may not have as much of an impact on the music world, it may be a welcome change.

“Post Rock is definitely coming,” Schucks said.

“[Post Rock] is kind of like a transitional genre where people are coming back into the fold of traditional music, but it’s very unique.

You can’t say it’s going to die.

But post Rock has a very strong future.”

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