Post apocalyptic: Halloween decorations go up for auction

A post apocalyptic Halloween decorating craze has taken off at a Florida mall after some Halloween decorators posted a photo on social media of their creations and posting the prices online. 

The decorations, which were posted on a Facebook group called “Halloween decorations for sale”, cost $30,000 each, and the proceeds were donated to a local charity.

In a video posted on the group’s Facebook page, the post apocalyptic decorators said they were going to raise money for a local children’s hospital and help out the poor.

“I’m going to make my Halloween decoration, I’m going for a $30k piece of furniture and I’m not going to have to worry about a penny,” one of the post apocalypse decorators, Robert Lee, said in the video.

“So that’s going to be me in a wheelchair.”

He later said he had sold his “haunted house” and his home for the auction, which has raised more than $30 000.

The auction comes after several similar craze auctions took place around the country over the past week, which raised about $100 000 for charity.

The post apocalyptic craze is a popular Halloween tradition, as it can be very expensive and requires an extensive decorating budget, said Robert Stapleton, an expert in consumer behaviour at the University of Melbourne.

“It’s an opportunity to do something for a charitable cause that may not have a clear outcome and has some risk of success, particularly with regards to the cost of decorating,” he said.

“People are generally not very imaginative about the idea of putting up their Halloween decorations for free.”

In the long term, the more that people have done it, the higher the risk that you’re going to end up with something that is a bit more expensive than you were hoping for.

“Stapleton said that while some of the decorations were designed for adults, others were for children, and there were some that were more “child friendly”.”

There’s also a tendency to be overly sentimental, which is certainly not a good way to start the Halloween season,” he explained.”

Some of the more creative and inventive things that people put up are designed for children and the decorating is done to be a bit fun, and in a way that’s appropriate for children.

There are many, many more things that have been donated to this charity that they don’t even know they have.””

Some have put up huge pieces of artwork,” he added.

“There are many, many more things that have been donated to this charity that they don’t even know they have.”

In total, the auction has raised $70 000 for the charity, with the proceeds going towards helping people with special needs.

The craze was first spotted on the internet on Thursday and has been going on for a couple of weeks.

“The craise has gone on for quite a while,” Staplyn told

“So many people are taking part and doing what they do.

It’s pretty well spread around the world, so it’s sort of a global phenomenon.””

I would say that we’ve been pretty successful, but we are not going away.”

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