Japan Post: We will not serve dinner to Japanese readers

A group of Japanese publishers are planning to sue a company that operates the popular website marjoriepost.com, a website that allows visitors to track and share photos of celebrities.

The lawsuit was filed Monday by the publisher’s owners, the Japanese newspaper Shukan Shimbun, and the company that owns the domain, GoPost.com.

GoPost’s parent company, The GoPost Group, owns MarjoriePost.jp.

Marjoree Post, a Japanese-language website dedicated to celebrity gossip, was launched in October 2010.

Its main function is to connect users with celebrities, entertainers and other people from around the world.

The site’s name is a reference to the post-Katrina New Orleans storm.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Japanese-Canadian artist and filmmaker Rina Nakamura, who owns the Marjory Post website; Marjie Post founder Marjoria Nakamura; Mariamu Saito, a Marjome Post founder who runs the Japanese-English language site Marjia Post; and GoPost Co-Founder Chris Hinton, who is a Japanese citizen and resident of Tokyo.

Mariamus lawsuit says GoPost has breached copyright laws by using Marjories photos without permission.

MarijoreePost, the lawsuit says, violated copyright laws, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Japan Digital Entertainment Rights Act.

“GoPost’s actions infringe copyright law, violating the law and infringing upon the copyright of Marjores family,” the lawsuit reads.

The complaint, filed Monday in federal court in Los Angeles, claims GoPost is in violation of two Japanese copyright laws.

“The use of the Marijorie Post photo on Marjori.jp is a violation of Japanese copyright law and the Japanese Digital Entertainment rights act,” the complaint reads.

MarajoriePost is an international website that tracks celebrity gossip.

It is the second most visited celebrity gossip website in the world after GoPost, which has a global audience of more than 40 million people.

The lawsuits seek class-action status for all plaintiffs who purchased a subscription or who subscribe to a subscription.

The website is owned by the GoPost group.

GoFundMe, the company running the site, said it has been informed about the lawsuit and would not comment on it.

The Japanese government has been trying to crack down on online bullying in the wake of the Dec. 4 tsunami.

Japan has been a major target of online bullying, with some countries, including Australia, banning social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Japan’s government has not issued a ban on online dating sites and has said they should not be subject to the same restrictions as traditional dating sites.

The new lawsuit is the latest attempt by Japanese celebrities to seek legal redress for online bullying and the legal system.

Earlier this year, Japanese actress Maki Nishimura sued Japanese film director Takeshi Kitano for defamation.

The case was thrown out on appeal in February, but Nishimura has since sued a third party in a separate case.

Earlier in December, the Tokyo District Court ruled that a former Japanese actor named Toshiro Mifune’s online profile could not be used for defamation purposes, because it contained derogatory remarks about her.

In May, the court overturned the decision of a lower court to dismiss the defamation suit against Mifunes lawyer.

In December, a Tokyo judge ruled that the Japanese government can enforce libel laws against Japanese celebrities.

“Marjorie Post is a free speech platform and the government has the right to enforce these laws,” Nishimura told the Japan Times.

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