‘I’m not scared’: Hays post on her fears of mental illness and the public spotlight

Posted January 16, 2020 07:53:50The mother-of-two was one of five people who participated in the inaugural ‘Hays Panic Panic’ event.

The event was meant to raise awareness of mental health issues and to promote positive mental health behaviour among the public.

But it was also the subject of a series of posts on social media about the woman’s fears of being labelled a “crazy mum” by the public, and the impact of being subjected to “the spotlight”.

Ms Hays said she did not think the public should be aware of her mental health.

“I don’t think I should be the person to bring people into this debate, because I don’t know anyone who does,” she said.

“You know, I’ve had my own demons, I had my parents’ demons.”

But that’s OK, I’m not worried about it.

“So why do I need to bring it up?

Because people are coming here, and it’s like they’re here for a reason.”

She said she was “just trying to be a good mum”.

“I think it’s so easy to put the blame on the mum, or on the child, and that doesn’t work for anyone, so I’m just trying to help them understand that you’re not alone and that it’s OK to be scared of it,” she explained.

“When you have it and you are scared, it makes you feel better, and you just need to accept that.”‘

Hays panic’ was a national awareness campaignThe woman said she had been a regular at the event for two years.

“We did a lot of things that people thought were crazy, but they were actually really good, and I really appreciated that, so that’s why I didn’t mind it,” Ms Hays told ABC Radio Hobart.

“My mum said to me: ‘I don-t want you to be the one who’s scared, I want you and the other people to be OK’.”

“So I was like, ‘Yeah, OK’.”

The events began in July 2016 and featured a range of activities, including an hour-long workshop on mental health and behaviour.

Ms Hues said it was important for people to feel empowered.”

What I’ve been hearing is that there’s a lot more of us that aren’t out there, that aren/are scared and that don’t feel safe,” she added.”

The last thing we need is to be feeling like we’re alone.

“Ms Hay said she thought there was an over-emphasising of the mental health problem in the media.”

People seem to be more concerned about people getting their heads chopped off than we are about how we are feeling,” she told ABC Hobart, “and I don�t think that’s good enough.

“In a lot.

And it’s a shame that that’s the way people are being taught.”

It is important to raise these issues in the way that we want to raise them.

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