How to make it into the top 100? Here’s how

Canada’s first and only national poll has revealed the country’s biggest and most influential players are among the countrys most well-known.

The Postmedia survey, conducted on behalf of The Canadian Press and conducted by Ipsos Reid, found Canada has the largest number of well-connected people in Canada, including politicians, celebrities, businesspeople, academics, sports stars and journalists.

More than one in four Canadians is a professional athlete.

The survey also found that Canadians are more educated than Canadians overall.

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians (74 per cent) hold a university degree, and two-thirds (66 per cent), or a university-level degree, are employed.

But the survey also showed that only about one-third of Canadians, or 34 per cent, hold a postgraduate degree.

And more than half (53 per cent of Canadians) say they are “not sure” about who they are or what they want to be when they grow up.

Among the most popular careers among Canadians: lawyer, accountant, teacher, politician, sports star, writer, musician, business owner, journalist, and filmmaker.

The countrys highest-profile person who doesn’t appear in the top 25 list is former prime minister Justin Trudeau, who was ranked second in the list with 22 per cent.

His peers, including the late Liberal leader Jean Chretien, are ranked second with 14 per cent each.

Canada’s top 100 people: 1.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (22 per cent): Trudeau’s high profile and extensive global media reach is a key reason why the Liberal leader was named the nation’s most popular person with more than a quarter (25 per cent).


Former prime minister Jean Chaudhry (18 per cent); Former Liberal prime minister and former head of Canada’s nuclear deterrent, Peter MacKay (13 per cent)… 3.

Former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne (11 per cent; former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty (9 per cent)) 4.

Former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall (9 percent) 5.

Former Alberta premier Alison Redford (9.6 per cent – 5.6 percent) 6.

Former Nova Scotia premier Stephen McNeil (9 percentage points; former Nova Scotia NDP leader and current NDP leader Jagmeet Singh (9 points) 7.

Former New Brunswick premier Stéphane Dion (8.6 points; Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau (8 points) 8.

Former Manitoba premier Brian Pallister (8 per cent (7.6 percentage points)) 9.

Former federal cabinet minister and current Conservative MP Jason Kenney (8 percent) 10.

Former Canadian diplomat and current UN chief Ban Ki-moon (7 percent) 11.

Former Vancouver mayor and current mayor of Vancouver, John Tory (7 per cent.)


Former former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley (6.5 per cent for a total of 6.5 points) 13.

Former president Barack Obama (6 per percent) 14.

Former Conservative leader Stephen Harper (6 percent; former prime ministers Peter Macdonald (6 points) and Stephen Harper II (6 percentage point) 15.

Former Liberal premier David Peterson (6 and a half points) 16.

Former premier of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel (6 in a row; six points) 17.

Former minister of finance Joe Oliver (6) and former prime minster Peter Penashue (6; former Prime Minister Joe Clark (6)) 18.

Former deputy prime minister of Ontario Jim Flaherty (5) 19.

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford (5 points; ex-mayor Rob Ford’s brother, former mayor Rob Lisi (5), former city councillor and former Ontario MP Olivia Chow (5, plus one point each) 20.

Former British prime minister Tony Blair (5; former British prime ministers David Cameron (5 plus one), George Osborne (5 + one), Gordon Brown (5 and one), and Nick Clegg (5 per point) 21.

Former finance minister Jim Flaesser (5).


Former astronaut and current astronaut Mark Kelly (5 point).


Former UN ambassador for peace and security Susan Rice (5.)


Former U.N. secretary general Ban Ki Moon (5); former prime prime minister Brian Mulroney (5 – 5 points) 25.

Former head of the Canadian military’s intelligence and security service, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Lieutenant General Robert Paul (5.5); retired Supreme Court justice David Fraser (5 Points) 26.

Former chief of staff of the British prime minsters David Cameron and Boris Johnson (5-5) 27.

Former provincial cabinet minister, current provincial NDP leader Peter Julian (5 in a list) 28.

Former governor general of Nova Scotia, current federal NDP leader Niki Ashton (5 pts) 29.

Former foreign minister of Norway, current Liberal premier and former NDP leader Stévin Ouellet (5pts) 30.

Former United Nations chief António

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