How to get the postman’s postman badge in Japan

The postman is the unofficial guardian of postcards and mailboxes.

And the world is a stranger place than ever before, thanks to Japan Post tracking technology.

Here’s how to get your postcard or mail delivered on time.


Use the postcard delivery method that suits you The postcard service is based in Japan and Australia and can be accessed from the country’s website.

For a country as big as Japan, there’s a ton of information to learn about postal service delivery.

You’ll need to read all of the guidelines on posting your postcards in Japanese.

I recommend reading the postcards themselves, but the postmen also post a few helpful links to explain the post-marking process.

If you’re not familiar with postcards, they’re made up of a bunch of pictures of the postal worker on a postcard.

The postmen have to stamp the image of the person on the post card and mark it as “posted”.

The post-marks are then mailed back to the person.

If there are multiple copies of the same postcard, the post office gets the one that was used to mark the person’s postcard and then prints out a new copy for each person.

The stamps are then placed in a box with the original.

It’s also important to remember that all of these posts are not identical.

The stampings are not exactly the same, either, and if you’ve seen an image of someone else’s post-marked postcard it’s easy to tell that there are different stamps on that particular postcard compared to the one you’ve just received.

If all of that is confusing, don’t worry.

I’ve written a post about how to use the postmark-making process in Japanese, so you’ll want to read that.


Choose the correct postmark to use The postmark is the first thing you should make sure you select when setting up your mail delivery.

If your postmark was incorrect, you’ll likely need to correct it and re-post it.

The way you do that varies depending on the type of mail you’re sending.

Some postcards have special rules about what the postmarks should look like and what type of postmark you use.

Some are marked with a number or an image, others are not.

Here are some common types of postmarks: Letter: A letter has the letter number written on it, like the one in the example above.

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