How much do you want to pay to sleep?

The answer to that depends on your personality, age, body type and the cost of renting a bed.

The latest data from the National Sleep Foundation show a median price of $1,828 per night for a private room.

There is also a lower number, of $950, for a shared bed.

It’s the same with private rooms for two people, with a median of $3,100 for a one-bedroom and $5,700 for a two-bedroom.

It can be as low as $2,300 for a single bed.

In addition to the cost to rent a private bedroom, there is also the cost for any health insurance premiums.

The median price for a self-contained private room is $2.8 million.

The cheapest one-bed room for a family of four is $1.2 million.

“There are also differences between the cost and the amenities, and the people that are getting into the rental market are going to have a different set of priorities,” said Dr Amy Walker, the foundation’s executive director.

Ms Walker said the average cost of a private home was $1 million, but some people would be willing to pay as much as $4 million. “

What that really tells us is that the cost, whether it’s private rooms, shared rooms, is not just going to be on a sliding scale.”

Ms Walker said the average cost of a private home was $1 million, but some people would be willing to pay as much as $4 million.

This was the case for a person aged 45 or over who would be renting a private bed for $1 per night.

“This is really, really important for people to understand, especially in the middle of the night,” Ms Walker told

“If you’re getting into your mid-40s, that’s not going to put you in a good position financially to go to an apartment, or an affordable property.”

How much are people willing to spend?

It’s hard to say just how much the average person will pay.

“The average is really low because the average rent for a house is just under $700 a night,” Dr Walker said.

“That’s not all you need to pay.

A lot of people might not be able to afford that.” “

But that’s just a guideline.

A lot of people might not be able to afford that.”

The NSPF said it was interested in hearing from anyone who had experienced a similar experience, whether or not they would pay more.

Ms Walker suggested they could make a “cost benefit” analysis of what they were getting out of the rental.

“You could ask the landlord what kind of benefits they were offering, what the average costs are and what’s going to get them the maximum return,” she said.

A study from last year by the Australian Institute of Housing Research found that in some states, a $500 deposit was more likely to mean a lower cost of living.

“In some states that’s actually true, because in those states where you’re spending $500 or $600 a week, you might see higher occupancy rates and lower vacancy rates than other states,” Dr Green said.

Dr Green added that in Sydney, where the average house cost was $2 million, people would probably spend $200 to $300 more per week than they would in the rest of Australia.

The average price of a bedroom in Sydney is $7,800, while the median price is $3.2.

The cost of private rooms is a big factor in people renting out their own bedrooms.

“It’s a real opportunity for people who have been living on the street to have their own private rooms,” Dr Jones said.

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